Sites work uncovers forgotten non-Aboriginal history at Mt Catt

5 May 2018
Robert Redford and the Czechoslavakian Expedition marker.

Senior rangers and elders at Weemol and Bulman have been busy with a project updating information about Sacred Sites in the Mimal Land Management area.

Old Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA) signs are being replaced where they are found to be missing or damaged.

Mimal is helping custodians erect their own signs that provide more information about the nature of sites and the right behaviour required by Aboriginal law.

A number of significant sites not previously recorded are being reported to AAPA.

And while helping with site work at Mt Catt, custodian Robert Redford has helped uncover a non-Aboriginal historical marker.

A team of anthropologists from the Anthropos Institute of the Moravian Museum, Brno mounted an expedition to study the Rembarrnga people of central Arnhem Land in 1969.
They commemorated their expedition by leaving a marker made of rock and cement near the Mt Catt Spring.

Mimal Land Management is now working through the NT Heritage Branch to provide information about the marker to Monuments Australia, a not-for-profit organisation managing an on-line register of public monuments and memorials in all Australian States and Territories.

Next year will be the 50th Anniversary of the expedition and Mimal are making contact with the Moravian Museum in the hope that a 50th year anniversary might be celebrated with a return of digital copies of the hundreds — perhaps thousands — of photographs taken during the expedition.