Teaming up with school kids on animal health

13 July 2018
Teaming up with school kids on animal health

Camp dogs are a part of life in many remote parts of Australia.

While many dogs are friendly and harmless, Mimal Land Management has been working with the local school to help students identify sick or aggressive dogs.

Mimal Women Rangers ran a two-day project at Gulin Gulin (Bulman) school to teach children about safety and how to monitor animal health.

The children, aged between 11 and 15 years old, learned about the importance of animal health – to the animal, people and the community.

They also learned how to keep an eye out and report animals that were displaying unusual behaviour or signs of illnesses.

The rangers also taught the kids how to undertake surveys.

The students worked with the rangers to create a survey worksheet and took to the streets to put their hard work into action.

Mimal Ranger Tarlisha Redford says it was a great experience working with the kids.

I loved walking around the community, taking photos and having a chat with the young kids,” Tarlisha says.

“I liked asking them how the dogs feel, checking the dogs and helping them fill in the worksheets.”

Community members also took park in the program, sharing important stories about looking after animals.

The workshop has been incorporated into the student’s school work and forms part of a broader department of agriculture program.