That time of year

1 June 2018
That time of year

At the start of June 2018 early dry season burning is well advanced throughout the Mimal Land Management Area.

Following the third year of hosting a pan-Arnhem Land gathering of indigenous fire managers at Bawurrbarnda Ranger base and outstation at the end of the wet season, Mimal Rangers have been busy in the air and on the ground.

From early in April helicopter incendiary burning has been setting up patchwork burning that will control late dry season fires.

Men and women rangers manage navigation and the operation of the Raindance incendiary machine mounted in an R44 helicopter.

On the ground rangers attend to asset protection and roadsaide burning with drip torches as they move around in 4WD vehicles.

2017 was a great year for Greenhouse Gas Abatement, setting new records.